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Just Enjoy The Ride


Inspiring & Empowering Our Community to Ride Bicycles More Often.


At Full Cycle, we love bikes, and we want to inspire you to love your bike and ride more often! Whether you’re into racing on road or trail, gravel adventuring, bike commuting, enduro, e-biking, and just about anything in between, we have the resources, expertise, and passion to get you riding.

Now located at 2355 30th Street in Boulder, and also home to Colorado Multisport, the country's premiere triathlon store, we offer world class bike brands, services, rentals, fitting, demos, classes, group rides and more!

Even though we are big, you’ll find that it’s easy to know everyone in the shop by name. Full Cycle is a locally-owned business, and we strive to know our customers by name. We want to be your preferred local bike shop and we will go the extra mile to win your loyalty.


Hayden Noel

Bar Manager

I am a 27 year old Colorado Native with a passion for biking, skiing, and anything outdoors.

I have worked in restaurants since I was 15 and have a desire to make a lasting impact in people’s lives through customer service by empowering and elevating employees while taking care of customers in innovative and effective ways. Because kindness is its own reward.

Hayden Noel


Assistant Bar Manager, Bar Marketing Manager

Hello! Welcome to my side of the team bios, where you get to learn about who we are as people whether you want to or not haha.

In all seriousness, though, hi! My name is Kirby, I use they/she pronouns, I am 21 years old and am the Bar Marketing Manager and Assistant Bar Manager. I am passionate about making experiences memorable and enjoyable - both for the customers and employees - because I believe creating community is one of the best ways to create success.

I am a musician (I play violin, guitar and sing, and am consistently teaching myself new instruments), photographer, ex-ballerina, and nerd. If you ever want to chat about anything Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Disney/Pixar theory, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Lego or otherwise, I'm the person who will get stoked with you about your passions.

That's all I've got for you here. We have a wonderful team here, however, so I also highly recommend you read about our other employees and come on by to say hello!

May the Force be with you

Photo of Kirby

Russ Chandler


Russ first moved to Colorado from Florida in 1979, and attended CSU and CU before becoming a software developer and later a CEO for three software businesses, before eventually becoming owner of Full Cycle.

After graduating from CU in 1985, he lived in Arizona, California, and New York City before returning in to Boulder in 1994 where he founded and grew a geographic information systems software company, which he exited from in 2000.

From 2000 until 2013, he served as CEO in two more tech companies before "retiring" into the cycling industry after the 2013 floods when he co-founded a local non-profit in Boulder called Cyclists 4 Community. He worked for a time helping Catalyst Communication launch a local cycling magazine called BikeLife Cities, before taking over Full Cycle in 2016.

Over the past five years, he has transformed Full Cycle from a struggling 34 year old mountain bike and commuter oriented bike shop into a top-notch cycling retail and service center, as well as a community hub through introduction of a coffee shop and beer taproom in 2017, which gained notoriety in its own right as the Tune Up.

Russ Chandler